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 2nd Collaborator Workshop 2004


May 6-7 2004
DGB Jugendbildungszentrum, Hattingen

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Time Th 06.05  
8:30 Arrival and accommodation  
9:00 Coffee and light breakfast  
9:30 Project A4
Andreas Duvenbeck
"Molecular dynamics simulation of a Ag(111) surface under bombardment with polyatomic silver projectiles"
10:00 Project A4
"Spektroskopie der Ionenstrahl-induzierten elektronischen Anregung an Oberflächen"
10:30 Project A4
"Charakterisierung von metastabilen Edelgasatomstrahlen"
11:00 Coffee Break  
11:30 Project A5
"Atomic beam source for surface studies: First measurements on fast neutrals"
12:00 Project B2
"Design and construction of a pulsed 10keV-ps-Electron gun"
12:30 Project B3
"Time resolved X-ray diffraction (preliminary)"
13:00 Lunch break  
Visit of the Heinrichshütte iron and steel works in Hattingen The oldest blast furnace in the Ruhr area. Events: Foundry show and "The Road Of The Iron" Tour.
18:30 Dinner  
20:00 Posters Presentation



Time Th 07.05  
8:30 Breakfast  
9:30 Discussion Circles I * Evaporator and film thickness
* Photo electron emissions
* ...(any wishes??)
11:00 Coffee Break  
11:30 Discussion Circles II * Clean Si(001) and Ag on Si(001)
* Lasers
13:00 Lunch break
14:30 Warming Up Coffee  
15:00 Project A5
A. Bannani
"Conductivity measurements on thin films"
15:30 Project C2 B.Stahlmecke
"Elektromigration in Nanodrähten:
Neuere Experimente und Ergebnisse"
16:00 Project C3 Ph.Kuhn "Elektromigration von Inseln"
16:30 Project C4 A.Schlarb "Fortschritte beim Reibungs-AFM"
17:00 Feedback Discussion  
18:00 Departure  


Organization and Contact
Maria Dunke  SFB secretary  +49 201-183-4629
Alexandra Goehlich  C2  +49 201-183-4412
Andreas Janzen    B2  +49 201-183-4336
Yanka Jeliazova   A2  +49 201-183-3845
Kristian Laß   B4  +49 201-183-3060